high quality, unlimited, high speed internet access - coming soon to ontario and quebec

Customized High-End Internet Access

We are installing now. Call for more info: 1 (888) 688-5575
We are now entering our pilot phase in Ontario and Quebec. Call toll free for more info: 1 (888) 688-5575

We provide dsl, cable and fibre internet access. We aim to provide a high end, unlimited and worry free service. As such, we developed a high quality technical solution and partnered with the best providers in order to focus on quality of service, above all. Call us if you are interested in participating in our pilot program and earn special discounts when we enter full production!
Our solutions include full phone service (VoIP) with toll free lines and PBX or voice mail boxes and is based on the highest quality and fastest service that we are able to provide in your region or neighbourhood. Our internet access inlcudes Cable, DSL and Fibre service and strive to supply the best equipment that our own developers and specialists customize in order to achive the best QoS. Contact us for more info and check if our service is available in your area.

Pilot Launch Special: Unlimited Business Fibre Internet + SersoVoice for CAD$132.94/Month*

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* plus applicable taxes

  • Professional Office
  • Residential MDU
  • Real Estate Business
  • Small and Home Office

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